Africa’s Potentials new Partner: WaterNeer Sweden.


Africa’s Potentials newest partner is WaterNeerWaterNeer Sweden Sweden, which is a innovation company within the water re-cycling business.

WaterNeer is a mobile water re-cycling system, which cleans highly toxic and polluted water, such as magnesium, arzenik, copper, lead, cadmium, zink, chromium and all other known toxics.





WaterNeer Sweden has 5 different products, depending upon the need from the customer. From 100.000 (100 m3) liters per hour to 500.000 /(liters per hour, giving more then 1 million people 8-10 liters of clean water, per day. WaterNeer has customers in India, Sweden and Finland. Customers are governmental and private companies, using WaterNeer in dredging harbours, purifying water from mining companies, sewage systems and highly polluted lakes, ponds and rivers. If you’re an investor and interested in knowing more about WaterNeer, please email:

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