Biometric ID solutions in Uganda – a BCTA initiative.

Global business leaders gathered during the Summer of 2009 at the World Economic Forum to mark the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Business Call to Action (BCTA).  The event, hosted by the Business Call to Action International Partnership, highlighted the immense opportunities for investing in Africa despite the global economic crisis.The Business Call to Action International Partnership was announced in September 2008.  Partners include the UK Government, AusAid, UNDP, Clinton Global Initiative, The International Business Leaders Forum and the UN Global Compact. In its first year more than 60 CEOs signed the Business Call to Action Declaration and committed their companies to invest in ending poverty.  To date, 18 companies have already launched initiatives creating thousands of jobs, establishing hundreds of small independent businesses and increasing trade with, and sourcing from, Africa and Asia.


Some companies are currently providing financial support and technical trainings to thousands of farmers and aspiring entrepreneurs in the developing world; expanding mobile money transfer services to over six million people in Africa; and supplying accurate, timely and personalized information to over a million farmers in India which has helped them increase their profit.

The clip above just shows on how the international business community can play a vital role in the Sub-Saharan emerging market. MAP International is the company which initiated the biometric identification (ID) solutions in Uganda, due to the fact that the majority of the Ugandan population are lacking identification-cards, it’s automatically very hard, almost impossible to open up a bank account. The MAP International biometric solution has revolutionized banking in Uganda.



Some of the major global companies that has entered the African emerging market.



This is just one single example of why trade and competence transfer is superior to direct budget Aid initiatives ,when it comes to creating opportunities in the quest to boost prosperity to the Sub-Saharan countries. Among the largest companies of the world have already begun to invest in the last emerging market, the African continent. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and stand on your toes to see what opportunities that actually exist by the African horizon?


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