Greentech 4 Africa.

The mission of ’Greentech for Africa’ is to create a platform for Swedish businesses within renewable energy or having energy saving solutions with an interest in investing or partaking in business generating renewable energy initiatives in East Africa (Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda).


Our vision is to have five Swedish companies are already doing business in the region. The Greentech for Africa project intends to initially showcase the rising energy needs in Kenya and Rwanda and in turn working on bridging these needs through business generating ideas.


Through seminars, discussions, newsletters, website, virtual discussion forum and a business visit to East Africa over the next two years, the project will provide Swedish companies with a solid knowledge on doing business in that part of the world. Together with the companies the Project management will assess the company’s ambitions, business ideas and resources in detail to increase the success factor of doing business in East Africa.


Seminars and workshops will be held in Sweden in the autumn of 2012 and spring 2013 and the business visit to Kenya and Rwanda is planned for the later part of 2013.


Through the project support, the companies will gain;

  • Firsthand knowledge from business men already doing successful businesses within the sector and in the region
  • Investment preparation activities through analysis of renewable energy options in the countries and current strategies of the sector
  • Companies will be part of the growing market of renewable energy in the region, and play a key role in improving the standards of living for the people in Kenya and Rwanda
  • The Project will provide companies with a solid knowledge for making informed decisions on making business in the region
  • During the period up to the business visit to the region, the companies will constantly be provided with key information on the developments in the renewable energy sector of the region.


Kindly contact Birgitta Piippola if you have any questions about this project.

Birgitta Piippola
Cell: +46 (0)70 250 2604.

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