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Do you live or run a business outside the dark green areas of this map? Congratulations, you’re in a Patent Free Zone!




After being contacted by the Founder of Patent Free Zone and NeoPatents, JiNan Glasgow, a well recognized expert in intellectual property (IP), I thought I should share Patent Free Zones story.

What is Patent Free Zone all about then? When companies apply for patent protection, they apply country by country. But what if there’s “no market”, they don’t apply. As a result much of the Sub-Saharan countries is a dead zone when it comes to patents. Yet one persons deadzone is another persons opportunity. For a struggling economy in a developing country the mighty US Patent system can become a great How-To-Pull-It-Through guide.

Ok, let me give you an example on how it works.

Imagine you own a pharmaceutical company that’s facing a scary future: your top-selling drug is about to go off patent. Within about five years, there will be a big hole in your revenue, so you need a good idea for how to replace it, now. Your company owns about 15,000 patents, and you’re sure there’s something similar to your big star in the pile. Somewhere. You put your staff of 30 patent attorneys on the job, give them all the databases they want, and you wait for an answer.


You wait for two years. Nothing.


When you start to get nervous, you contact NeoPatents and explain the problem: help NeoPatents to find the patents that are most similar to what you’re currently making.


15,000 patents is a lot. Imagine walking into your kitchen, taking a double handful of dry rice out of your cupboard, and throwing it into the air. Now find your favourite grains. ONLY those grains, though. Neopatents, did it in 3 weeks. Using their software, 2 analysts found the 40 most promising patents for our client to use, out of 15,000. The process is called patent domain mapping and is almost like using Google Maps for patents.

Neopatents helps you find the patents that really matter to you and your business – from navigating patent spaces in “Patent Rich Zones” to understanding what inventions synergistically combine for immediate impact in Patent Free Zone areas.


As anyone who’s been lost before knows, one street looks a lot like another on the map. From the air, whole cities look pretty similar to each other, and the features that you can pick out easily are few and far between. But cities and streets have unique, important features that matter to you: they’re where your family lives, where your hotel is, where your job interview is, starting in ten minutes.

JiNan Glasgow will lecture at Meltwater School of Entrepreneurship in Accra Ghana in the end of September 2010 to lecture regarding Patent Free Zone. If you’re in South Africa in the end of September, you might be able to meet her as well. if you’re interested about knowing more of Patent Free Zone.


What do you think? Is Patents a must for companies entering the Sub-Saharan market? Or is Patents only function to make life difficult for the competition? Something in between perhaps.


Warm regards,

Emre Gürler.

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