Innovative & effective aid-ideas in the making, Swedish Aid 2.0?

Innovative & effective aid-policy's by the African horizon?

Innovative & effective aid-ideas by the African horizon?

This upcoming Wednesday (9th of December), Gunilla Carlsson the Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation, Ministry for Foreign Affairs is having a workshop and seminar session regarding opening up the Swedish Aid to innovative ideas. One of the largest threats to Aid in the present and the past is of course corruption.

Africa’s Potentials Emre Gürler will be present during this innovative Aid workshop in order to introduce, contributing, and influencing 10 new innovative ideas and effective ways for the Swedish government’s Aid, in order to fight corruption & ineffective aid. Sweden has probably one of the highest aid percentages/per citizen in the world.. The annual average of Aid that the Swedish government provides to undeveloped countries is more then 30 billion kronor (more then 3 billion dollars), around 0,8%-1% of the total GDP.

Exciting & interesting to see if this is a leap forward to what we perhaps could call Swedish Aid 2.0?

For more detailed information (in Swedish)

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