Machakos GreenSolutions Conference in Kenya.

6a00e5535503cc88330120a71dc99d970b-800wi From the 17th to the 20th of April, representatives from Africa’s Potential will attend the Machakos GreenSolutions Conference in Kenya. The aim for Africa’s Potential is to promote WaterNeer, the innovative mobile water re-cycling system to the Kenyans and other investors in the East-African emerging market.


The conference is jointly organized between SIDAs (Swedish International Development Agency) Business 4 Development program and the Kenyan Government, in order to boost innovative solutions to Kenyas pressing social problems. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for Local Authorities in Kenya to deliberate and identify entry points for sustainable local development values and solutions as they deliver services to the Kenyan people.


Some of the speakers at the GreenSolutions conference are from these organizations: Africa’s Potential, The Natural Step, Sida Partnership Forum, Foresight Economics, NEMA, ADEP, Clean Tech Region, e.t.c. After the conference representatives from Africa’s Potential will be heading to Addis Abeba for more investment meetings promoting the innovative water recycling solution, WaterNeer.

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