Map Over Africa’s Undersea Internetcables.

One of many success factors for potential entrepreneurs in the continent of Africa is the chance to communicate with the outside world. One major issue is the lack of electricity and therefore lacking of internet connections


Many times when we’ve sat on diffrent Internet Cafés in Mbale in the eastern part of Uganda, the electricity goes down several times during the “Internet Café Session”. After reading  Steve Songs blog who has created an interactive version of the undersea internetcables that several Telecom companies in the World are about to insert to the African continent, this will provide Africa with speedy internetconnections.


























The question still remains.


When will easy, sustainable and environmental friendly sources of electricitypower be installed? After Africa’s Potential layed the framework and study for the largest implementaiton of solapanelinstallation in Uganda (which you can read beneth the headline “The Success Story”)  which is on a daily basis providing more then 3 000 people clean water to the villagers in the Manafwa-district. To make a long story short. Or at least my blogpost. How should the international business community assist by partnering with Telecom companies i order to provide the African continent with sufficent sources of energy at the same time as providing the African market with reliable internet connection?

Anyway. I’d just like to thank Steve Song for that great mind-opener and the ideas that the map is creating!


Emre Gürler

Africa’s Potential.

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One Response to “Map Over Africa’s Undersea Internetcables.”

  1. Natalie says:

    June 21st, 2009 at 23:08

    Great article!

    Felt the same thing when I was in Uganda. You are raising a very important issue, when it comes the electricity vs internet access availability in East Africa.

    Looking forward to read the next blogpost from Africa’s Potential.


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