The Rwanda blogg – ”It should’ve been done YESTERDAY!”

That sentance keeps on repeating itself over and over again. During the days I’ve been here in Kigali the bold, inspirational, talented and high-caliber Rwandan entrerepreneurs I’ve met all have the same vision of progression and fast pacedness that reminds me of my experiences of the Chineese business climate.

Rwandan Entrepreneurs such as Tony Francis Ntore, a Marketing Consultant and partner in his family business I.T.A (International Travel Agency,, Amin Gafaranga the Founder of the Shokola Lounge, Shema Ngoga Fabrice (Founder of the SOGEM Rwanda packeging company) as well as Raj Rajendra (MD at the textile manufacturer UTEXRWA) all have one mind-set and especially one sentance that sums it all up where this country is heading towards.

”I want it to be done today, but it should’ve been done YESTERDAY!”

If you take a look at my prior East African experiences with neighbouring Uganda, it feels as if the Rwandan entrepreneurs are on a totally different height and on a level which I can feel reminds me of the Asian Tiger Entreprenurial climate. After a couple of days I felt a slight ”China-Wibe”! The amibition, driving-force, the contagiuos entreprenurial attitude , that fast progression is highly important in order to create jobs. Job creation is the fundamental part which is the key-issue if Rwanda won’t experience the same hardships they did in 1994.

If I compare Rwanda to Uganda and Kenya, it also feels as if Rwanda is far-head of their neighbours in security measures, anti-corruption results, organization (more clean then the streets of Stockholm). The envorinmental questions is also very interesting in Rwanda. We were strictly forbidden to go through the customs with plastic bags, they’re forbidden in Rwanda! Somehting the allot of western countries should understand as well? I’m aware that I’ve only experienced Kigali and need to get out of the town in order to experience what 90% of the population is experiencing (even though I’m not living on $1 dollar/day). I’m thinking of renting a boda-boda to drive around with during this upcoming weekend.

As Mr Rajendra MD at UTEXRWA, who employs more then 800 people in his textile factory explains during our meeting:

“There’s one person who’s vision and dreams the whole country is sharing at this time! Thanks to Mr Kagame Rwanda is moving in such a progressive, organized and structured way!”



I will update the blogg a.s.a.p, as well as upload pictures from my Rwanda-trip once I get back home.


Warm regards from Rwanda and Kigali,



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2 Responses to “The Rwanda blogg – ”It should’ve been done YESTERDAY!””

  1. Henrik Storm Dyrssen says:

    November 11th, 2009 at 11:00

    Great to hear the positive impressions Emre! The volatile sociopolitical climate in the region is certainly a challenge and I echo the sentiment that “if only all that talent had a chance”. An Iranian Entrepreneur once explained it pretty straight forward to me. “How do you plan ahead when you dont know if the government will fall in half a year, if the streets will be safe. How do you run a business when the only thing promising tomorrow is belief.” In East Africa you find that belief, relentless struggle to survive and get ahead. But even in a country such as Kenya with, its vibant, if dodgy capital, the psychological vail of the Post Election Violence and the volitile political situation makes building business a precarious venture beyond the conception of western entrepreneurs and businessmen/women.

    Very happy to hear the positive impressions and look forward to hearing more reflections from the Rwandan case.

    PS. Hope Kigali is treating you nicely ;-) send my regards. DS

  2. Emre Gürler says:

    November 13th, 2009 at 00:09

    Hello my friend,

    I will for sure keep informing you regarding the fantastic Rwandan entreprenurial environment.

    Good luck at the Cornell seminar!

    Best regards,


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