The Success Story

Entrepreneurship and creativity is to be found everywhere, in countries, cities and villages around the globe. The question at issue in this book is to identify this spirit, soul, motivation and find the individuals that we call entrepreneurs. People have in all times struggled to evolve and solve problems to develop their societies or simply survive for the day.


Learning to “see” the people and identify the African entrepreneurship, we created an opportunity to integrate the entrepreneurs into developing projects. Our purpose with the book and Africa’s Potential is to identify the potential entrepreneurs that can participate in developing projects. The objective with the study in Bubulo is to identify the characteristics that describe an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship, so that the individuals of the village Bubulo can take part and become integrated in the several entrepreneurial development projects.



“We are here, we have our dreams, we have the potentials and we have the ideas but we can’t open up the box!”

–      Onenachan John Nebbi, Entebbe, Uganda.



Commercial district of Kampala.


The framework that was created is essential and crucial for future NGO’s, volunteer organizations or other companies that are trying to carry out entrepreneurial projects in the African continent. By neglecting taking part of  the “Identifying the African Entrepreneur – a success story”, the vulnerability and the long-term sustainability of any future entrepreneurship-project faces an uncertain future.


The Insert Africa-project resultet in around 150 entrepreneurial jobs was created in the Manafwa-region, during the first and initial  project.  The entrepreneurs became the owners of different entrepreneurship projects, were local entrepreneurs did not become bystanders, but actual developers and owners of the these projects. During the next phase of the Insert Africa project, more then 3 000 people in the Manfwa-region were able to receive pure water from a  Water-station, which is run by a large solar-panel installation.



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All profit from the book will go to future entrepreneurship projects in Africa.