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The Swedish career-magazine, Shortcut, each and every year rank the top 100 Swedes under the age of 40, that has made a significant change, or have made a great entreprenurial, political, economical and/or social change during 2011. A person that really stands out from the crowd with other words It’s with great joy that this year the Founder of Africa’s Potential & The Swedish East-African Chamber of Commerce, Emre Gürler was ranked among these 100 top talents.


“I try to spread positive stories and experiences that I have from the African continent, hopefully I can contribute to a more balanced picture, rather then the most negative mediaimage of the African continent. What about starting off by planing your next vacation to Lonely Planets number one destination for 2012, Uganda! “, was Emres comments on Shortcuts Top 100 listing. On our LinkedIn-group you can follow more discussion regarding African Entrepreneurship, events, microfinance issues, potential business partner and more general discussions.


Kwa heri, på återseende, warm regards,


The Africa’s Potential Team.


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