Ushahidi & Hivos launches Uchaguzi Uganda, monitoring the Ugandan President Election.

Kizza Besigye's opposition campaign.Curious to know more what happens to presidential candidates Museveni, Moi, Besigye and other candidates at the upcoming presidential campaigns for the Ugandan elections in February 2011? Powered by the Ushahidi & Hivos platform they’ve now launched the , Uchaguzi Uganda site. On the picture to the left, main opposition leader Kizza Besigye’s campaign in Kampala. Will nominated Besigye be able to rock President Joweri Museveni, that has held the Presidency since the 29th of January, 1986? Follow the Ugandan elections and the campaigns on Uchaguzi Uganda. You’re able to monitor if there has been any registered hostilities, ballot issues, positive events, police action, e.t.c.

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One Response to “Ushahidi & Hivos launches Uchaguzi Uganda, monitoring the Ugandan President Election.”

  1. Emmanuel Oluka says:

    February 19th, 2011 at 20:31

    Thans for your post. I wanted to correct you on this post. Citizens Elections Watch-IT (CEWIT) is the lead on Which is funded and partnering with HIVOS. So its not Hivos launching it. This site was launched last year in November by CEWIT

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